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The following is a brief overview of the ZETA SCIENCE FX-61 Flying Wing kit

Product Name: FX-61 Phantom
Product Page:
Purchase Price: $73.49USD 
Review Date: Feb 2013


  • Ultra though EPO construction
  • Ultra stable flight performance
  • Excellent FPV platform
  • 30 minute plus flight duration on 4500mAh 3s lipo
  • Easy to Hand Launch, Easy to Land 
  • Stable Handling at Low and High Speeds 
  • Wingspan: 1550mm 
  • Length: 683mm 
  • Flying Weight: 900g

User Manual: 

The Phantom features tough EPO construction with moulded in camera bays - one forward looking just under the nose and another mount in the top of the canopy with a plywood support pre-installed.

The FX-61 was purchased from HobbyKing as a bare kit.  It is being put together as a custom FPV build with plans to carry these for resale direct from ZETA if quality and performance are as needed.

Kit arrived in good condition, box was larger than expected but well labelled and professionally printed.  Parts were well packed with bubble wrap and air packing bags.  Stickers were slightly wrinkled but still in usable condition.

Very nice quality EPO with smooth gloss finish.  Some of the pre-applied stickers were slightly misaligned and some wrinkles but nothing of major concern.

Assembly went together smoothly.  All parts fit properly with nice tight joints.  Included glue works well.


  • Motor - Suppo 2217 950kv
  • Prop - APC 9X6
  • ESC - iPeaka 40A
  • Rx - OrangeRX 7 Channel
  • Stabilization - Giardian 2D/3D
  • Servos - iFlight DS901MG (metal gear digital)