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The following is a brief overview of the HJ450 Multi Flame Wheel Flame Frame

Product Name: 4-Axis HJ450 Multi Flame Wheel Flame Strong Smooth KK MK MWC Quadcopter
Product Page:
Purchase Price: $48.90USD
Review Date: Mar 2012

  • Shaft distance: 17.7in/450mm
  •  Net weight: 0.65lb/282g

The build process is very simple and quick, basically as quick as it takes to screw in the 24 screws and it is built. The kit included extra screws as well.  Also in the kit was a Lipo strap and Velcro.

There doesn’t seem to be a larger amount of flex /twist to the arms, some but no worse than some other styles 450 size frames, yet it has enough flex that should help in rough landings.

Arm Level Issue:
One issue that has been reported by some others is that the frame seems to have a tendency to yaw to the left.  I noticed this as well on a test flight but thought it may be a trim or wind issue.  However on closer inspection and measuring the left and right edges of the frame at the motor mount there is an obvious and consistent difference of approx 1mm from one side to the other on all arms.  This would explain the yaw to the left issue since the left edge is lower thus resulting in all motors having a slight lean to the left.  This can hopefully be corrected for by shimming the motors to offset the twist.

UPDATE APR 18 2012: On what would have seemed like a fairly soft flip from about 4 feet into weeds/grass, one arm broke at the motor mount.  Much more brittle than I would have expected.  Photos added below.